We are Vianatece, a family run business founded more than 30 years ago in the charming village of Viana do Castelo, situated in the north of Portugal. Textiles are our passion and something we truly care about and so we do about our family and the generations to come which involves caring for our planet. Thus our vision is to contribute for a more sustainable and conscious way of living.

This wonderful adventure started with the production of traditional loomed rugs, that are manufactured in wooden looms with no electricity involved – only pure muscles’ sparks!

Consistent with a circular economy philosophy, our rugs are made from surpluses of the textile industry. This means that we upcycle tons of waste into a diverse collection of rugs and pillows.

Our creative spirits never stopped and so we started expanding the family line of our rugs. We added the curtains, the towels, the bed sheets, the bed covers, the pillows…and now, together, they fill a home, or several of them.

As Portuguese that we are, we love to communicate and to explore the world. Our mission is to make our textiles travel the world, the way our explorers did 500 years ago, and have them spread the Portuguese scents of love and family tradition!