Since its creation in 1975, Têxteis Penedo has specialised in the production of
Jacquard textiles for high-quality home textiles.

This specialisation lead the company to assume a strategic position in their market’s sector, with important and significant investments in industrial technology and equipment, in skilled staff, and in their ongoing training, thus helping to produce personalised and high quality home, hotel and decorative textile products.

With a modem industrial park, Têxteis Penedo has, in its flexibility of production of home, hotel and decorative textiles, a great competitive advantage.

The ability to manage and adapt resources to production needs, as well as the capacity to distribute goods and meet delivery deadlines, all makes Têxteis Penedo stand out in the textile industry, revealing its ability to respond adeptly to the needs of the most demanding clients.

Têxteis Penedo’s past and future traiectory will always be guided by the Values we integrated into our organisation, into its Mission, and into the Vision that we effectively practice in the day-to-day running of the company.