LEIPER has been a home textile company for over thirty years and has also owned a padded products (mattress) division, since 2015. The company has its headquarters located in Guimarães – Portugal, a geographical area well known by excellent home textile producers.

The company has been growing gradually over the years and has developed superior competences in the production of a wide range of products, including duvets, bedspreads, bedding, curtains, pillows and mattresses, a wide range of home solutions.

 Showing high customer orientation, the company operates in several strategic segments: production for high quality private label / brands, textile segment for hospitality and airlines and development and marketing of own collection, which is distributed in a vast network of distributors and retail partners.

 LEIPER is recognized as a quality producer and is certified by IS0 9001:2015 standards. Additionally, we are perceived in the market as an innovative company in the design and development of product engineering solutions. But not neglecting price competitiveness.
The company is equipped with adequate resources, with modern facilities and advanced production and logistics technology and a flexible and versatile production system. We also have human resources with widespread experience, our main asset, which contributes decisively to the know-how of excellence that we provide to our customers / partners.

At LEIPER we want to produce solutions in home textiles and padding, that enchant senses.