Crishome Tex is a company made of future, where you see a true passion in finding the best solutions for your home textiles (Bed, Bath and Table) brand or projects. Crishome Tex designs home textile concepts, providing integrated collections include: sheets, quilt covers, cushions, decorative pillows, bath towels, table cloth, blankets, comforters and baby products.

By simply crossing details with different sources of inspiration, Crishome achieves a distinctive authenticity for your home. Its highly skilled and motivated team works with a legitimate ambition and a fierce will to prosper and meet your needs and requirements. But everything based on the principle of business equity, that is, where everyone wins, thus becoming easier to motivate. Lead by example, always.

Crishome enchant its clients with its proactive attitude, is always looking for products that are refined and have the ability to please and provide wellbeing, exceeding its clients’ expectations.

Experience, commitment and the desire to always achieve better results makes Crishome Tex your right choice to obtain the best home textiles solutions for the Home.

The company relies on two differentiating elements – Design & Quality – adding on to the excellence of a personal service, the focus on flexibility and the fierce will to meet deadlines, making Crishome Tex’s identity truly distinctive in its market.

And it has been so for these past 8 years: working for the good … of the company, the community, the national economy, partners, clients, but, above all, for the good of People!

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