Welcome to BOVI!

BOVI was born from a family heritage, originally created by Vaz da Costa in the 1950’s, who founded a renowned textile mill in Guimarães/Portugal. Fascinated with embroideries, he knew from the beginning what would differentiate he’s manufacturing: bedding of superior quality.

His legacy today embodies the knowledge he passed, from the tricks of the trade of the textile industry, to the constant strive in innovation, be it in products or in procedures, powered by an ultimate quest for quality. Nurturing BOVI and taking it to distant markets is our dream, our mission, seeing BOVI being sold on five continents is quite an accomplishment!

BOVI is backed by e team of people who are passionate about colours, textures, design and lifestyles. A team focused on creating and confectioning unique products. So we’re all delighted in presenting the BOVI 2021 collection, certain that you’ll like it as much as we do!

We are looking forward to share the best of BOVI with you, see you soon!